Our Snowmobile trip from Coolin at Priest Lake
to Schweitzer Mountain Ski Resort on March 17, 2002

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We made it to the top!  These are shots from the top of Schwitzer Mountain Ski Resort.

We rode the ski lift down to the lodge for lunch.
Jeannie lost her bag off the lift, but the ski patrol rescued it for her.

We were slowed down by these moose, a momma and her baby.  They didn't want to give up the trail so we had to
follow them.  Roger was our fearless leader, he kept us far enough back so they wouldn't get mad and charge us.
Then when they finally left the trail we ran into another pair.  Lucky for us they left the trail much sooner.

Shots we missed:
Sonia at the gas station when she forgot to take the gas hose
out of her snowmobile trailer and pulled it right out of the pump =)
Jeannie after I grabbed the snow-filled tree branch I passed on the trail =)
Roger when he hit the washout on the way back and flipped his sled. 
Luckily he got through it in one piece, although a bit bruised and battered.

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