Snowmobiling 2002
Here are pictures of some of our
snowmobiling trips this February.

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My friends and I snowmobile from our lake cabins up to Mt. Spokane.
These two pictures feature me taking a rest after getting stuck =)
Getting stuck is tiring =) Sonia is stanting in the trench my snowmobile dug.

To the left is one of the trails we rode on this very snowy day.
To the right is a shot of my work area at the cabin.
A snowy snowmobile trail on Mt Spokane. My work area at the cabin in Spirit Lake.

Here's another day, it was sunny and clear.  We went in from the Bunco Snowmobile Trails.
Now we're taking a rest and enjoying the view of Lake Pend Oreille.
It's me with Lake Pend Oreille in the background. Here's some of the group enjoyint the Lake Pend Oreille view.

I created desktop wallpaper out of these two Lake Pend Oreille pictures.
If you're interested in a downloading these for your desktop, click here.
Lake Pend Oreille Lake Pend Oreille

Another shot of Lake Pend Oreille with the group on the left.
The right is a picture of our favorite lodge that only snowmobiles can get to, the Cascade Inn.
snowmobiling cabin

Oops!  We just found out that the trail was blocked, so we have to turn all the snowmobiles around.
Oops again, these guys on the right lost their sled a couple days ago down the cliff, now they're retrieving it.
snowmobiling someone lost their snowmobile

This is the next day, and the only picture we took.  It's the girls waiting
for the rest of us to finish digging out after all getting stuck in the powder!
The weather wasn't as nice, we had a mixture of rain and snow on the way back.
Plus I was side-hilling and rolled the sled on top of me, so I got a bit beat up!
Shannon and Cloe waiting for us to get unstuck!

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