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October 13, 2002 Issue

What's Happening
I have some awesome new pages for you this update!

New Greeting Cards

Bundles of Wishes
I Prayed for You Today

Upcoming Holidays

Columbus Day
Monday 10-14

Sweetest Day
Saturday 10-19

Myth Buster!
Think your mouse is the best way to navigate your PC? Then what are all those mysterious keys on you keyboard? Learning to use them will absolutely TRANSFORM your PC experience - and your creativity. Your keyboard was designed to achieve more than your mouse could ever even hope to attempt. Yet most people are never shown HOW! Keyboard MAGIC! by The Newbie Club blows away the Myths for ever - and opens up a world you never knew existed! What an eye- opener! Click Here

New Pass-it-on Poetry Pages

Love: For A Moment Like This
Family: A Bond Between a Mother and a Daughter
Friendship: One Day We Met On The Internet
Inspirational: When I Linger in His Presence
Love: How Dare You Be So Wonderful?
Family: Birthday of a Family
Romance: Created Memory

New Jokes Fun Pages

You're the Next Contestant
The Perfect Shot
New Diet Rules
Growing Older
Fun Facts You Learn Through Email

Featured Sponsor
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Teckno Babble
I resolved another mailing glitch by installing an Ethernet card for my cable connection. The network kept dropping the settings, so I apologize if some of you did not receive a newsletter last issue.

This newsletter goes out to over 10,000 subscribers, so if you get the "server too busy" error when trying to view pages, just try again in a few minutes. I am working on solving this problem as well.

All past issues will now be listed in the archives.


Well guys...that's it for this issue, see you next time! :-)

Tess' Castle in the Sky


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