You Complete Me
You Complete Me

All of my life I was looking
For what I was not too sure
I knew there was something missing
Something loving and pure.

All of my life I was dreaming
Dreaming of one day soon
Meeting a man who would love me
A man who would make me swoon.

Someone who would accept me
And nurture me all he can
Not try to change my 'being'
For this is who I am.

I spent many long years searching
Getting in trouble and strife
Then one miraculous beautiful day
You walked right into my life.

I knew right from the beginning
That you were the one for me
My many years of searching
Have ended in ecstasy.

Although I know these are early days
And it is far too soon to see
I do know that deep in my heart
'You complete me'

© Babs Hurst

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you complete me

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you complete me

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