Old Glory Weeps

Again our beloved flag is crying for her people,
killed in a senseless attack.
Terrorists struck and now we ponder
how our government will react.
Old Glory has seen us through
many a war that is true.
But this one is different
so we must be sure of what to do.
So many lives lost
and loved ones left to grieve.
But I would like to say
just what I believe.
I believe that among the twisted metal,
fire and smoke,
that at the last minute, our Lord spoke.
I believe He and his angels
were there with those that died.
And that they were standing
by the victims side.
They held them close and took them
to the Promised Land.
Over Jordan and through the Pearly Gates
they walked, hand in hand.
They have gone where there are
no wars or pain.
Some day their loved ones
will be with them again.
So I think God and Old Glory
our nation they will save.
With its stripes and field of stars,
May Old Glory ever wave.
God Bless America!

By Avis Fishel Perry

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old glory

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old glory

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September 11, 2001
The day the world changed forever