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A Mother's Love

Happy Mother's Day

We only have one Mother
In our lifetime here on earth
The one who held us nearest
The one who gave us birth.

Her gentle soul and spirit
Stay with us everyday
Her presence is everlasting
In what we do and what we say.

For she taught us understanding
And she taught us how to pray
But most of all she taught us
How to live the "right" way.

She touched us with her warmness
She held our fears in tact
And even when we wandered
She was there when we came back.

She knew all that we needed
To keep us safe from harm
And even under pressure
She kept her grace and charm.

Her way will always inspire us
As we teach our children to live
For a mother's life is measured
By the love that she did give!

~© Mary West 1/20/2000~

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Happy Mother's Day!

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