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happy holidays

A thought suddenly occurred to me
As I sat here this day
I realized I have no grandmas left
And I'm only thirty years of age.

The holidays are closing in
Soon it will be Christmas Day
So I thought about running an ad
And this is what it will say:

Wanted: A Grandma for Christmas
One to love a thirty year old child-at-heart
One who is warm and funny
Soft, good smelling and smart.

One to bake gingerbread men
Fruitcakes and pumpkin pie
One who will tell stories of yesteryear
With that certain twinkle in her eye.

A grandma who says "Come here child
Let's sit by the fire and sing
To praise our Lord in Heaven above
While we put popcorn and berries on a string."

A grandma with rosy pink cheeks
And silvery-blue hair
One who will love great-grandbabies
For I have plenty to spare.

One who makes snow angels
And turkey stuffed with rice
Hot cinnamon tea and yarn dolls
Yes, that would be nice.

Wanted: A Grandma for Christmas
Please reply right away
There's so much to do and plans to make
For soon it will be Christmas Day!

(c) Shawna Brown

happy holidays

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happy holidays

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