Terror in America


The silent pain envelopes our hearts
As we watch our freedom ripped apart
We cry for those we never knew
As America says goodbye to more than a few.

Thousands of souls that had no way
To know of their fate on that terrorist day
Swept away by evil that had no face
As explosions took them without a trace.

We pray for those who would not stop
Giving unselfishly until they dropped
Firemen, Police, Medics and Volunteers
Who faced the odds without the fears.

America mourns as we bond in prayer
Clinging to the hope that God will be there
Reunited in Patriotism we stand proud and firm
Ready to defend, no matter what the terms.

God Bless America and may she always give
Our Faith and Freedom for as long as we live.

~ Mary West ~  9/14/01

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September 11, 2001
The day the world changed forever