Angel Tears At Christmas
Angel Tears At Christmas

God sends His lovely angel tears
To us this time of year
They float and tumble through the air
And send out Christmas cheer.

Each flake He sends is special
From out of wintry skies
They paint a pretty picture
To soothe our weary eyes.

They glide and twirl as if to say
The season's just begun
And gently beckon to us
To join in merry fun.

Like sparkling gems, they fill the sky
And quietly take up space
They seem to flow in harmony
Attired in angel lace.

At Christmas time when all is calm
We look to things above
For angel tears and Jesus
To fill our lives with love.

A sacred star shines in the East
As Christmas day draws near
A manger scene, a Holy night
And gentle angel tears.

The children gather 'round the tree
To hear the Christmas story
As angel tears fall to the earth
To trim the earth in glory.

His precious tears drift to the earth
So everyone will know
A child was born in Bethlehem
It's written in the snow.

So if you get to feeling blue
And plagued by worldly fears
Just look outside your window
God's shedding angel tears.

Copyright © Marilyn Ferguson 2001 Email

Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

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