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Christmas Memories

On a cold and misty morning
as I gazed upon the tree
Memories of Christmas past...
came flooding back to me.
Childhood days of peace and joy
as Carolers sang their songs.
Knowing that with happy hearts
a new day soon would dawn!
And with each passing hour
soon the Christmas bell would toll.
We'd gather round the Christmas tree
and listen young and old
As Dad would tell the story
of our Saviours' birth foretold.
Born in a lowly manger,
dressed in swaddling clothes
Shepherds came from far away
the Lord to see they rode.
Traveling by stars at night
Angelic hosts proclaimed
Hosannah to the king of kings
we praise his holy name...
Of peace on earth good will to man
Lord help us to renew
The peace that we are looking for
we'll only find in you
I smile as I remember...
Dad kneeling down to pray
Lord bless each and every one
that's kneeling here today...
May the peace and joy of Christmas
be theirs the whole year through
May they be a blessing as they are blessed,
May they be a light for you...
Now Christmas time is drawing near...
and all I ask of thee
Is help me spread some Christmas cheer
And maybe plant a seed...

(c) Marie Williams

Merry Christmas

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