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Cyberspace Christmas

A Cyberspace Christmas
Is a holiday divine
With E-mails and messages
I look forward to find.

Sending greetings
With the click of a mouse
Instantly connected
From house to house.

Your Internet friendship
Is a gift to me
That I won't find at Christmas
Under my tree.

For it's a personal gift
Whenever I'm on line
That brings my life laughter
And makes the sun shine.

From surfing to chatting
to sending greetings of cheer
Nothing seems to matter
Whenever you are near.

Though connected through a cable
Over distance, space and time
There's no better friendship
Than with those we meet on line.

So for all you on my downline
May your holidays be bright
And my one wish for Christmas
Is that you don't forget to write.

~Mary West~

cyberspace Christmas

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