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November 21, 2003 Issue

What's Happening?
Wow... I can't believe the year is almost over. I went to the mall last weekend and saw Christmas everywhere!

This issue features fun...fun...and even more fun greetings! We may as well start getting in the Christmas spirit too, so you'll find a snowball fight and a holiday puzzle page along with the Thanksgiving Day greetings. Also, check out the new funny greeting pages at the bottom, they're already a big hit!

Mail Delivery Issues
Recently, some of you have been having trouble getting e-mails delivered. Read the latest update on this, and find out what is being done to get this resolved.

Thanksgiving & Winter Greeting Cards

Happy Turkey's Day
Happy Thanksgiving

It's time to start a snowball fight!
Seek-A-Word Holiday Puzzle

Hot Holiday Toy Pick for 2003 ~ Hokey Pokey Elmo
According to the news, Hokey Pokey Elmo will top children's request lists this holiday season.

You probably haven't bought your Thanksgiving turkey yet, but if your kid wants Hokey Pokey Elmo for Christmas, you'd better hightail it to the nearest toy store. Or better yet, order it from the convenience of your home now at KB Toys or Ebay.

New Funny Greeting Cards

Man Oh Man!
Can't Believe We Made it!

New Poetry Pages~Share these original poems sent in by visitors

Thanksgiving: The Thanksgiving Denture Adventure
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving Reflections 2003
Inspirational: Light Conquers Darkness
Inspirational: The Heart Of It All
Inspirational: There's A Reason
Inspirational: Angels are Weeping
Inspirational: A Better Way Of Life
Inspirational: In My Garden
Thanksgiving: Tis Thanksgiving
Inspirational Quotes by Joseph P. Martino


That's it for this update...Have a great weekend...

And a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tess' Castle in the Sky


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