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October 17, 2003 Issue

What's Happening?
Happy fall y'all! I'm sorry for the long gap since the last newsletter, but I had some health and computer issues to overcome. The good news is that there are a lot of new pages for your enjoyment and many more are in the works.

Why not put a smile on someone's face and email some of these fun fall greetings, friendship pages, or maybe a new poem or two :-)

Fall Greeting Cards

Autumn's Song
Happy Fall

You Light Me Up
Harvest Puzzler

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Friendship Greeting Cards

Friends are Forever
Thanks to my Friends

New Poetry Pages~Share these original poems sent in by visitors

Love: Never Really Knew You
Family: Mama
Family: Hush Little Child
Friendship: Some Friends Are Forever
Thanksgiving: Mom's Lazy Thanksgiving
Holiday: A Hollow Day
Holiday: Ghost And Goblins
Love: Freedom
Friendship: Forever Friends
Friendship: Friendship and Gold


That's it for this update...until next time...

Keep smiling! :-)

Tess' Castle in the Sky


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